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*Engish as an Additional Language (EAL), English as a Foreign Language (EFL) and English as a Second Language (ESL) are all terms used in relation to the teaching of English to people whose native language is not English. EAL usually relates to children/students learning English in addition to other curriculum subjects which may include languages other than English. EFL usually relates to students studying English in their native country or on short courses in the UK and ESL to children/students studying English in the UK who have taken up residence here. All types of courses, classes and lessons offer similar content in relation to learning basic English and grammatical structures. ESL courses for older students normally provide additional content in relation to living in the UK.
English Tuition in Reading
English as an Additional Language/English as a Second Language EAL/ESL*

EAL/ESL tuition for Beginners (Foundation Stage/KS1/KS2 ages 4-11)

Designed to support children in developing knowledge of basic English vocabulary and language/sentence structures. Fun yet highly structured lessons ensure that children are motivated to learn and speak English.
Depending on the child's level of development, lessons focus on such aspects as:-

-Key vocabulary, e.g. family, food, school, weather, numbers, colours, days of the week
-Key words used to construct simple sentences
-Oral Skills/Pronunciation
-Reading, writing and spelling English words and sentences

Children are taught using a range of strategies and techniques including use of puppets, pictures, flash cards, word cards, word makers, sentence makers, story and non-fiction books, games, puzzles, award winning educational software. With very young children emphasis is placed on providing opportunities for listening to and speaking simple English words and sentences based on a range of visual/sensory stimuli and prompts.

EAL/ESL tuition for children who have a basic knowledge of English vocabulary and grammatical structures (KS2 and beyond ages 9+)

Designed to support children in developing knowledge of English vocabulary and grammatical structures beyond basic English. Following initial assessments, children receive a series of planned lessons that cater for their individual needs. Lessons focus on supporting children in:-

-Developing oral skills/Pronunciation/Conversation/Simple presentations

-Reading simple/intermediate English texts/describing events/answering questions

-Identifying Parts of Speech - the building blocks of language
Adjectives, Adverbs, Conjunctions, Interjections, Nouns, Prepositions, Pronouns, Verbs

-Using the different parts of speech accurately and effectively in speech and writing 

-Constructing compound and more complex sentences with multiple clauses

-Extending vocabulary based on topics and parts of speech,

-Spelling strategies and rules

Children and students are taught using a variety of strategies and techniques with emphasis on acquisition of vocabulary and language/grammatical structures through purposeful and fun activities using a wide range of resources including pictures, objects, books, word games, puzzles, role play, educational software.

English Conversation Classes for Adults (Small group or one-to-one)
Conversation classes for adults are also provided. These structured classes are based on individual needs. For example, students may wish to learn or extend their English speaking skills in order to communicate with English speaking clients and customers in shops, estate agents, offices, restaurants, etc. Conversation content and language structures are  based on the purpose for which English will be used by the student.

Educational Consultant
B.Ed (Hons)
M.Sc (School Management)
DPSE (Language)

Over 30 years teaching experience

Over 20 years experience in advising and supporting schools on the teaching of English

Free initial assessments/ Discussion with parents

Personalised lesson plans linked to the English National Curriculum programmes of study & the National Strategy - designed to complement
school lessons
(where relevant)

Range of effective strategies & teaching methods employed

Regular feedback to parents
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EAL / ESL tuition in Berkshire, Reading, Caversham, Earley, Woodley, Winnersh, Charvil, Twyford, Wargrave, Henley, Maidenhead, Wokingham, Shinfield, Finchampstead
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